Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Trump vs Politicians

1. Trump is not a politician

2. Trump will be loyal to USA not lobbyists

3. Trump promises to say the truth regarding 9/11 and to help the needy people and kill the terrorists ruthlessly

4. Hillary and others just wish to remove bashar , president of syria and just want to create a mess in Syria just like what they did with Iraq and Libiya

5. Trump will fix the fragile , failling economy of USA. Trump has proven to be sucessful in his life by managing different assets throughout the world. Others are just politicians who just talks , talks and talks and dont understand the psychology of money

6. People through out Europe who is really suffering the islamic supremism , support Trump.

7. Bush created war to because he was puppet of rothschild family who wanted war to accumulate more money to their family
 All politicians are just like him
There is a popular notion, if you vote republicans into office, they will create war
Didn't Obama(a democrat) create war in Libiya ?

Just dont vote for the puppets
Vote for the man who is self funding like Trump

8. Do you need a lawyer who just lies to everyone as your president or
Do you want a great negotiator, great business man and great leader as the president of USA

(Both cruz and hillary are lawyers)

9. Till before 500 yrs countries went into war to become wealthy
So you needed a warrior as your king
Today countries indulge in trade to become wealthy
You need a businessman as your ruler, not a lawyer like ted cruz or hillary clinton

10. You need a man who will say and do the right thing without being politically correct.
Do you wish to know what Thomas Jefferson has to say about islam click here to watch this video

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