Wednesday, 20 April 2016

5A. Is Islam a Religion of Peace ? Part 4

5A.  Is Islam a Religion of Peace ? Part 4

What some people may think about conversion into Islam?
okay some people may say all religion are the same , why cant we live as muslims, whats the problem

Why Muslims who are not fully aware of Koran, think Islam is a religion of Peace?
Muslims believe that if all convert to islam and if all follow islamic principles then world will be a peaceful place.

However If everyone in the country/world are converted into muslim, then will there be peace?

Reason 1: Muslims will be fighting against each other to decide who is more islamic

Reason 2:Will there be science or development in Muslim countries

Reason 3: When one man has 4 wives , man will consider wives as 1 among 4 and will he really love her?
 Wife is under constant threat that husband will easily divorce her.
Wife cannot work because she is not educated most probably.
With all that wife beating and violence as per koran
Where is the peace in husband and wife relationship?

Reason 4: Can you name a single Islamic country where there is peace?
Im sure you can name lot of christian countries who are peaceful without constant threat to life
Even poor countries in south america/ caribbean/ buddhist countries like thailand etc are peaceful

Reason 5: Can you name a single islamic country which has abundance in everything and wealth?
(Oil wealth is like money growing tree but if there is no oil , what will be their situation)

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