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5. Is Islam a Religion of Peace ? Part 3

Is Islam a Religion of Peace ? Part 3

How do they mean Islam is a religion of Peace ? Why do they say that

If you kill all differing opinions , with no opposing oppinions will there be complete peace or not?

Yes there will be complete peace once you kill all and every differing opinions 

(Downside is there is no development/inventions in Islamic countries due to this fact)
Notice that the proofs are not even quoting any terrorist organizations like Al Queda or ISIS, but actual countries

Proof one : In Islamic countries,
Any one having differing opinions in Islamic countries will be executed

For example read the news article click here

Explanation for Proof 1 : Shias, when they indulged in peaceful protests against Sunni Saudi govt, shias were termed as terrorist and were executed .
(Shias.Sunnis and ahmadiyas are sects within islam)
Anyone with differing views will not just be jailed for few months, but are being termed terrorists and are being executed

Proof 2:
what is the status of Ahmaddiyas in the islamic world today?

click here to read this Wikipedia article persecution of ahmadiyaas in pakistan 
click here to read this Wikipedia article persecution of ahmadiyaas in other islamic countries

Explanation for Proof 2: 

A peaceful sect of Islam called ahmadiya emerged from British India in 1835 .

India gave rise to buddhism, jainism 2 of the most peaceful religions
India gave rise to Sikhism and hinduism religions also
(So due to higher enlightment attained with the help of meditation, origin of religion is not something new to India)

Ahmadiyaas interpreted inherently violent Koranic passages as peaceful passages

Islamic Governments (not terrorists )  are directly suppressing only sect of islam which is really peaceful 

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