Thursday, 21 April 2016

Christian Crusades

When you question a muslim about christian genocide by ISIS , Pakistani nation, Islamic nations in the past , a muslim who knows the history will almost always mention about christian crusades

They will claim christian crusades actually killed millions of Muslims and thats why muslims are so minority .

Counter explanation #1 : 
click this video to understand about christian crusades - this is a short video

Click for an explanatory video to understand about christain crusades - this is a long video to understand crusades

counter explanation #2 :
It may be true that Crusades were cruel in the past as muslim claim it to be
It may be true that Crusades killed so many millions of people

We know that Britain killed many aborigens in australia, caribbean, USA, canada.
Britain subjugated India , africa etc and kept them as slaves etc.,
We know that USA did atom bomb Japan
so what?
Are indians, africans angry on UK currently
are japans angry on USA .(Infact japan is the close ally of USA in trade against China)
World has forgiven Europeans
Currently Europeans are nice people helping Africa and other countries
Currently USA is realizing their mistake of waging war.

You may ask me a queston after reading counter explanation #2,  If christians in the past were bad and muslims currently are bad then who do I support?????

Click this link for the answer to this question
this link is about Israel vs Palestine
Same thing Christianity vs Islam ?
when there is fight between a civilized person and a savage, always support a civilized person.

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