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peaceful passages of Koran?

There are peacful passages in Koran,

what about that ?
How can you say that Islam is the violent religion while there are peaceful passages in the Koran

Click here for 1st video to understand this contradiction

Click here for 2nd video to understand this contradiction  Author of the video is a Phd
Studied Koran completely , not a half knowledged person like western leaders claiming Islam is the peaceful religion

Click here for 3rd video to understand this contradiction
this video Fact#5 ( jump to 2:33 min ) explains Koranic passages are arranged in size of the passages rather than chronological order those passages were revealed by mohammed.

After watching between 2:33 and 2:40 of the 3rd video read the points below

In this context let me explain certain things

1. Muhammed revealed only peaceful passages in Mecca (his birthplace) . These were the earlier or first few revelations.

2.He was not so successful in gaining followers. Mohamed changed strategy after migrating to Medina (2nd holy place in Islam)
(Muslims are migrating today to Europe following the examples of Mohamed)

3. Muhammed revealed only violent passages in Medina where he migrated at a later period of time
(These later revelations were termed as more refined revelations)

4.There is a specific verse in the koran which explains, if there is contradictions between later revelations and earlier revelations, then it is the later revelations that stands true .
{reference :Abrogating Verse: Q.9:29[66][69] Verses abrogated: "Nahhās considers 9:29 to have abrogated virtually all verses calling for patience or forgiveness toward the People of the Book"}
click here to know more regarding this  

5. pop quiz:  Now what was the nature of later revelations ?
answer : Violent

6. Now western muslims through out the world , christians through out the world are only explained regarding the peaceful passages of koran by the imams .
So not only the christians who are innocent enough to think all religion teach the same but also majority of muslims learn only the peaceful passages of koran

7. pop quiz: what do most people on the earth consider and truly believe about islam
Answer:Islam is a religion of peace

8. pop quiz : What do imams and scholars of islam , teach first regarding islam to other muslims and non muslims initially ?
Answer : Peaceful passages of koran

9 pop quiz: what are the imams and scholars of islam are doing when they claim islam is the religion of peacce and when they say there are no instances when violence is permitted in islam.
Answer : Takkiya
click here to learn more about takkiya

10. As any one person becomes more and more interested in Koran and islam , Imams will introduce the connecting passage as per point 4 above, read it one more time please.

11. As the innocent muslim becomes interested in koran ,isalmic imams will introduce the later violent koranic passages mentioning the claim of paradise when they die for the sake of islam.
click here to learn about the violent passages in koran

12. You have a receipe for suicide bomber

13. you have the whole world of christians who not only speak for the innocent muslims but also for the islam and koran, thus enabling jihadists.

14. A peaceful/innocent muslim who knows only about peaceful passages will not about the connecting passage as in point 4 or about the violent passages
But but, A peaceful innocent muslim truly believes Koran is the unadulterated word from allah for the eternity of the remaining time and also it is word for all the human beings to follow including christians , hindus etc.,
So any time
any time imam can introduce violent passages to those peaceful innocent muslim and convert him into savage
So a muslim by default is a ticking time bomb due to this reason

14A. Muslim becomes more violent as he become more islamic
More deeper he studies Koran , more violent he becomes

15. Muslims and christians throughout the world should know about the truth of koran and mohammad

16. You know the earlier peaceful passages in Koran
You learn the later contradicting violent passages in koran
You know the connecting passages which explicitly states "when later revelations contradicts earlier revelations then the later revelations always stands true"
Pop quiz: after learning above 3 sentences and reading koran fully , now is koran a peaceful book or violent book
Answer violent book

17.Whenever you have doubt in the meaning of any verse in koran , you should always look into the life of mohammad (in hadiths)
he has lived a violent life throughout life
so islam is a violent way of life

18. click here to watch this video as a proof of what I have spoken in previous points

19. Dont you think it is brilliant?

20. Do you wish to learn more brilliances of islam? click here

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