Thursday, 21 April 2016

Trump support 2nd Amendment while Hillary supports Gun Control

Trump support 2nd Amendment while Hillary supports Gun Control

Certain thoughts on why Gun Control is bad . You may differ, but these are just my thoughts. These are not really that important for you to understand

1. Gun can be used for self defense by good person or to kill others by bad person
Even Jeep can be used to kill people by bad people
Knife can be used to cook food or to kill others
Nuclear power can be used to generate electricity or to build bombs

Accident happens with all instruments including guns, Knife, nuclear power or with jeep/car. How can you ban instruments just because accidents happen.

Isn't it childish to blame the instrument for the peoples errors.

2. All bad persons will get hold of guns anyhow. But only the good people will not have access to guns and they will be like sitting ducks in the face of islamic terrorism/tyranny

3. Why do you think in India , Caribbean people cannot get guns easily,
Current govts are just following the British rules which in the past prevented indiginous people to bear weapons so that they can control people easily.
USA is founded on the principle of Freedom.
So no freeman can be devoid of the right to protect him

read what one of the founders of USA has to say about bearing guns

Click here to Understand how great of a person Mr Thomas Jefferson was

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