Thursday, 21 April 2016

Rape Jihad - how is it different from rape by non muslims?

When you point out towards the Rape jihad conducted by muslims in Rotherdam and Throughout UK and also in Sweeden, what is the standard answer  by a muslim as a response to your question?

"In jamaica , in south africa and thru out the world christians rape.
Is there zero rape in buddhist country?
Why hindus are raping in india?
just like a christian raping has nothing to do with christianity, a muslim raping some girl has nothing to do with islam"

I will contradict it using these points

Sweeden is the rape capital of Europe due to migrants .

proofs   link 1 , link 2 , link 3

When a non muslim rapes a girl he has guitly

When a muslim rapes girls , that too underage christian girls in europe

1. they are just following the example of their prophet Mohammed , who is the most superior human being who has lived a life that is to be replicated by all human beings (I hope you are understanding that this is what muslims think)

proof: do your research find out about Aisha Prophets wife.
Aisha was 6 yrs old premenstruating small girl when marriage happened between mohamad and aisha
Aisha was 9 yrs old when mohamed had sex with aisha

Fun video link regarding this click here
Video proof what is happening in islamic world click here
muslim cleric explains how a wife of such young age who refuses to have sex is to be treated by husband click here for video with subtitles

2. They consider nonhijabed women as whores, so they have no guilty but rape again and again.
click here to understand this aspect

3. The relatives of those rapists think that they are just being men and it is the women that dont cover themselves except face and hand are asking to be raped.

popquiz: if you put these people with such thought process into european jail with good food and human rights, will they repent it , will they change?
answer : hell no

4. when these rapists are put in jail what do they do in jail, (if they dont repent) ?
Spread islam to other jail inmates and create more jihadists who can now commit crime without any guilt associated with it

5. What is a punishment according to muslims?
According to those muslims only death penalty for the rape as mentioned in sharia is considered punishment.

Popquiz : what are rapists considering about jail sentence if they dont consider it as punishment
answer: they consider that allah has given an oppurtunity to spread islam and allah has made christians to pay for their food and protection to do just that

6. A.why did police turn a blind eye in rape incidents like Rotterdam incident ?
6B. How easy is it for the authorities to arrest those rapists?
After they rape once police is in pursuit of them rapists go and hide themselves in the muslim ghettos in europe which is comparable to rat hole

6C. if a police car enters the muslim ghetto in europes no go zone , what is the consequence ?
click here for the answer for the question 6A. 6B. and 6C. (answer lies between begining of video to 3 minute of the video) 

explanation regarding 6th point and the video
If a christian rapes any girl or rapes a young girl, what will the friends/siblings/parents/relatives  of that christian rapist support the guy?
will they allow him to stay within their area?
Hell no

So if muslim rapists are safely staying within muslim ghettos and no go zone regions,
dont you think that entire population is safeguarding the rapist thereby enabling and supporting that rapist?
When you get passive/active support from your community, can you do the same crimes again and again? yes ofcourse without the guilt associated

So although in all points , but mainly in the 6th point , do you understand the difference between a muslim rapist and a non muslim rapist?

Further do you wish to hear the above points from the mouth of African American and A white British writer with statistics     click here

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