Sunday, 24 April 2016

Islamic Street RiIots in Western Nations

Click here to watch video how muslims riot.

I want you to find the policemen were white and
I want you to notice ISIS flag among the muslim protesters

Here is a video of Australian refusing to condemn ISIS on tv
Notice he never recognizes himself as Aussie citizen but only as a muslim

click here to watch the video to understand how police are afraid of muslims in UK.

Police is just running away from muslims in this video

Muslims Vs Hindus

Muslims Vs Hindus

Click here to watch the video to understand the Jihad against Hindus for the past 1300 Years and still continuing

Understand that same situations have started to happen to Europe already

Understand that same situation will happen in USA

Saturday, 23 April 2016

you may be surprised to know that christians are the most persecuted religious group

you may be surprised to know that christians are the most persecuted religious group

click here to watch a 5 minute video to realize this fact

Aftermath of any terrorist activity

When you have pussy leaders as rulers,
lets see what happens after any terrorist activity

So let us discuss the aftermath of Brussels bombing/Paris Carnage (A similar aftermath pattern will follow any such terrorist incident in western nations)

1. Army was dispatched in the streets of Brussels/Paris to prevent further bombs thereby restricting the freedom of Brussels citizens . After containing the situation Army is being sent to rest rather than hunting the perpeterators hiding in the muslim nogo zones within france/belgium.

2.Citizens will organize a peace rally

3. Muslims will fakely condemn the terrorist act while they will still carry on hate preachings in their mosques

4. World leaders like Obama, Hollande will condemn the terrorist act and will shout that Islam is a peaceful religon and it has nothing to do with terrorism
while doing nothing to prevent further attacks
Why did we elect these pussies to be nice to everyone including refugees or to protect the citizens?

5. Buildings like Eifle tower will light up with paris/brussels flag to show support

6. Media will speak about the terror activity for 4 days and will also more importantly show so called islamophobic incidents, will do nothing to show the truth happening in muslim community or fake islamophobe complaints or to tell the world islamophobia is not because of whites but the muslims themselves/terrorists/koran etc.,

6. Muslims will cry fake islamophobia 50% of instances due to takkiya
Muslims will call the victims of terrorists attacks, the whites as racists because they are angry on muslims because of the islamic terrorism
Muslims will blame whites for islamophobia rather than blaming terrorists who are the root cause of islamophobia
Muslims will actually rally against islamophobia and whites instead of rallying against the imams who preach hatred and jihad

7. Liberals and leftist stupid whites will support muslims in islamophobic incidents
But these liberals and leftists will not request any solid actions from the islamic community against hate preachings in mosques

8. Muslims demand strong laws against islamophobia and it is currently considered hatecrime with strong punishments.. Hence no one will be able to question muslims anything as all will be cried as islamophobia by the muslims.
Government restricts the freedom of all the citizens of their country instead of restricting and investigating the muslims and mosques/imams
Government snoopes into the data of their citizens in the name of security

8.People forget the incident in a weeks time and they go about their daily lives but western citizens are terrorized by the terrorists, because they dont have leaders ruling their country,but pussies.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Brussels recent bombings Dissection part 1

Did you wonder what lead to Brussels recent bombing?

salah-abdelsalam , a person who was involved the Paris Carnage killing 130 People in a stadium, was arrested from the brussels muslim ghetto after a war like situation in that muslim ghetto.

So Muslims in Brussels just retaliated for the arrest.

Click here for the news article regarding the same

Check out the dates of salah-abdelsalams arrest and the brussels bombing

So salah Abdelsalam was protected by his community so long. Is that community filled with terrorists or not?

Can Muslims live peacefully with the west?

click here to watch this video to understand

Obama is bringing in muslims as refugess while he is actively deporting Christians

Obama is bringing in muslims as refugess while he is actively deporting Christians

News link one obama deporting iraqi christians click here

News link two obama deporting iraqi christians click here

News link that obama is importing muslims click here 

Do you wish to learn why accepting muslims refugees is bad click here

Next London Mayor could be a terrorist

Next London Mayor could be a terrorist

David Cameroon's Labor Partys London Mayor Candidate is Sadik Khan who was very vocal in supporting many terrorists in the past.

Do your investigation
what is labour party in UK, it is the ruling party in Uk currently. So it should be a major party in UK
Do your investigation in google if what I have written is true if Sadik khan is this partys candidate for next London Mayor election and if he really supported terrorists in the past

If the worlds greatest city in the history falls to a terrorist, what will be the consequences? think about it

Pay attention to what this 16 year old German Girl has to say

This is a video with english subtitle

Are the rulers and police in countries like UK , Sweeden who are allowing the rape of their girls by some foreigners even men????????

watch the video

How and what muslim children are taught?

click here to watch the video what is being taught to the Palestine children

Click here to watch the video what is being taught to the pakistan children
Pakistan is a seperate country and they can choose to live a peaceful life unlike palestine.
Despite this fact Pakistan still chooses to teach hatred

Click here to watch what muslim children do in saudi arabia, see what mothers are teaching them
  (Remember Saudi arabia is just a regular country, not any terrorist organization

After watching first 2 videos dont just brush it away saying there is regional conflict in palasteine and pakistan against israel/india respectively

If you are a smart person you will deduce what is being taught to muslim children about christianity, western civilization, USA etc.,

what anti-terrorism expert has to say about muslim problem in Europe

Notice that this is the situation of Europe because of Muslims in Jan 2015 ( video was uploaded in Jan 2015 )

Only in the summer of 2015 muslim migration started.

Just imagine what is the situation right now

Click here to watch video regarding what anti terrorism expert has to say about muslim issues in Europe

How Muslims behave when their relative is charged with terrorism charges

Click here to watch the video and analyze the pain of the news anchor and what the relatives speak

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Islam and Terrorism against Western countries

If you ask a question regarding a muslim regarding terrorism in the name of Islam ,
do you know what will be his first sentence when answering?

1. There is no place for violence in Islam, according to Koran,  killing even one innocent person is like killing the whole of humanity
(we know obviously that is not true provided you have read this post of mine , click here )

Counter argument :  Does islam consider christians as innocent ?
Does ilsam consider citizens of USA who pay tax to US govt innocent ? hahaha do you think so?
Does Islam consider Citizens of EU nations who pay tax to enable NATO as innocent ? hahaha , do you think so?

Okay, now dont start thinking Islam is retaliating against the atrocities of USA and NATO war on iraq, libiya, afganistan.
What did innocent christians in Nigeria do to islam?
What did innocent christians throughout North Africa do to islam?

hopefully you get the picture

Show me a single islamic country that is wealthy or happy ?

Click here to read the article from forbes , it is explaining what is happening regarding the situation of wealth creation in islamic coutries

Read about the statistics like literacy rate and employment rate about islamic countries this has info about muslims in many countries

what can western governments do to Muslims right now

what can western governments do to Muslims right now

If there are any more real men who will become prime minister of any of the european country, then what can he do?

understand 10 point agenda by Mr.Greet Wilders of Netherland

Geert Wilders 10 points plan to save the West “… Ladies and gentlemen, I am often asked whether I have any answers to the problem and what those might be. Well, I certainly have some answers. Here are ten things we would have to do to stop the Islamization of the West:

1. Stop cultural relativism. We need an article in our constitutions that lays down that we have a Jewish-Christian and humanism culture.

2. Stop pretending that Islam is a religion. Islam is a totalitarian ideology. In other words, the right to religious freedom should not apply to Islam. “Death for Apostasy” 4:89, Sahih Bukhari

3. Stop mass immigration by people from Muslim countries. We have to end Al-Hijra.

4. Encourage voluntary repatriation.

5. Expel criminal foreigners and criminals with dual nationality, after denationalization, and send them back to their Arab countries. Likewise, expel all those who incite to a ‘violent jihad’.

6. We need an European First Amendment to strengthen free speech.

7. Have every member of a non-Western minority sign a legally binding contract of assimilation.

8. We need a binding pledge of allegiance in all Western countries.

9. Stop the building of new mosques. As long as no churches or synagogues are allowed to be build in countries like Saudi-Arabia we will not allow one more new mosque in our western countries. Close all mosques where incitement to violence is taking place. Close all Islamic schools, for they are fascist institutions and young children should not be educated an ideology of hate and violence. ISLAM EVIL IN THE NAME OF GOD: CHAPTER TWENTY ONE “TEACHING ISLAM TO CHILDREN IS CHILD ABUSE”

10. Get rid of the current weak leaders. We have the privilege of living in a democracy. Let’s use that privilege and exchange cowards for heroes. We need more Churchills and less Chamberlains.
In short, we have to go on the offensive and start fighting back. We must no longer allow ourselves to remain seated in our armchairs and get trampled over. If they bombard us with Sharia law, we will bombard them back with our human rights.…”

Islam is like a Gang (like a drug barrel gang)

Islam is like a Gang (like a drug barrel gang)


Who are enemies of Drug gang
1. police
2. people belonging to different drug gangs

what do Drug gang do to enemies
They just harass and kill when crossing the boundary

who are bitter enemies of a Drug gang
1. People act as if they are part of their gang but are actually informers to police
2. People who are disobedient within the gang, people who try to form different drug gang using the secrets learned from this gang

what do drug gang do to bitter enemies
They are supposed to be killed at any cost

Who are Islams enemies
Police or western nations
Christianity and other religious people

 What does Islam do to enemies
They just harass and kill when crossing the boundary

Who are bitter enemies of Muslims
1. People who are apostales (exmuslims) . Muslims suspect that these people will reveal the secret of muslims to christians and others.
2. People who belong to different sect of Islamic sunni  like shias, ahmadiyas.
3. People who dont fully follow koran because they may anytime become informers

 what do Islam do to bitter enemies
They are supposed to be killed at any cost

Can European civilizations go extinct?

Can civilizations go extinct?

question one : Can any civilizaion go extinct?

Islam has replaced the mesapotamian civilization in iran and iraq
Islam has replaced the pegan civilization in the middle east
Christianity has replaced roman civilization in the europe
Christianity has replaced African tribal religions and practices in the past
Great Civilization that built Egypt is now clueless and we no nothing about that civilization, islam has replaced it
Mayan civilization in south america had vanished

Dont think that world history started at jan 1st,  0 AD.
there were civilizations prior to that as well

in the same way European civilization can go extinct as well

Question two:
How did the European civilization , one of the most successful civilization go extinct ? you dumb fellow ha ha ha ha, you may question me

How did the European civilization become so successful in the past?

By killing aborigines in australia, USA, africa ,
subjugating Indians , Africans
Currently also USA has waged so many wars in middle east

So typical whites are just guilt ridden regarding their past and they are currently nice and they are willing to help and hence they are helping the refugees.
What is the consequence of being nice ?

They are willingly allowing Islam to take over Europe

Christian Crusades

When you question a muslim about christian genocide by ISIS , Pakistani nation, Islamic nations in the past , a muslim who knows the history will almost always mention about christian crusades

They will claim christian crusades actually killed millions of Muslims and thats why muslims are so minority .

Counter explanation #1 : 
click this video to understand about christian crusades - this is a short video

Click for an explanatory video to understand about christain crusades - this is a long video to understand crusades

counter explanation #2 :
It may be true that Crusades were cruel in the past as muslim claim it to be
It may be true that Crusades killed so many millions of people

We know that Britain killed many aborigens in australia, caribbean, USA, canada.
Britain subjugated India , africa etc and kept them as slaves etc.,
We know that USA did atom bomb Japan
so what?
Are indians, africans angry on UK currently
are japans angry on USA .(Infact japan is the close ally of USA in trade against China)
World has forgiven Europeans
Currently Europeans are nice people helping Africa and other countries
Currently USA is realizing their mistake of waging war.

You may ask me a queston after reading counter explanation #2,  If christians in the past were bad and muslims currently are bad then who do I support?????

Click this link for the answer to this question
this link is about Israel vs Palestine
Same thing Christianity vs Islam ?
when there is fight between a civilized person and a savage, always support a civilized person.

Basics of Islam and Its connection with ISIS

ISIS is a terrorist organization

Does it have any connection with Islam

one ex muslim who knows koran and have lived in Iraq explains using short 10 minute animated videos with references to koran, do you wish to clear the doubt once and for all,


Click here to watch video 1

Click here to watch video 2

Click here to watch video 3

Click here to watch video 4

Click here to watch video 5

Click here to watch video 6

Click here to watch video 7

Click here to watch video 8

Check out if the guy has posted more videos 

Rape Jihad - how is it different from rape by non muslims?

When you point out towards the Rape jihad conducted by muslims in Rotherdam and Throughout UK and also in Sweeden, what is the standard answer  by a muslim as a response to your question?

"In jamaica , in south africa and thru out the world christians rape.
Is there zero rape in buddhist country?
Why hindus are raping in india?
just like a christian raping has nothing to do with christianity, a muslim raping some girl has nothing to do with islam"

I will contradict it using these points

Sweeden is the rape capital of Europe due to migrants .

proofs   link 1 , link 2 , link 3

When a non muslim rapes a girl he has guitly

When a muslim rapes girls , that too underage christian girls in europe

1. they are just following the example of their prophet Mohammed , who is the most superior human being who has lived a life that is to be replicated by all human beings (I hope you are understanding that this is what muslims think)

proof: do your research find out about Aisha Prophets wife.
Aisha was 6 yrs old premenstruating small girl when marriage happened between mohamad and aisha
Aisha was 9 yrs old when mohamed had sex with aisha

Fun video link regarding this click here
Video proof what is happening in islamic world click here
muslim cleric explains how a wife of such young age who refuses to have sex is to be treated by husband click here for video with subtitles

2. They consider nonhijabed women as whores, so they have no guilty but rape again and again.
click here to understand this aspect

3. The relatives of those rapists think that they are just being men and it is the women that dont cover themselves except face and hand are asking to be raped.

popquiz: if you put these people with such thought process into european jail with good food and human rights, will they repent it , will they change?
answer : hell no

4. when these rapists are put in jail what do they do in jail, (if they dont repent) ?
Spread islam to other jail inmates and create more jihadists who can now commit crime without any guilt associated with it

5. What is a punishment according to muslims?
According to those muslims only death penalty for the rape as mentioned in sharia is considered punishment.

Popquiz : what are rapists considering about jail sentence if they dont consider it as punishment
answer: they consider that allah has given an oppurtunity to spread islam and allah has made christians to pay for their food and protection to do just that

6. A.why did police turn a blind eye in rape incidents like Rotterdam incident ?
6B. How easy is it for the authorities to arrest those rapists?
After they rape once police is in pursuit of them rapists go and hide themselves in the muslim ghettos in europe which is comparable to rat hole

6C. if a police car enters the muslim ghetto in europes no go zone , what is the consequence ?
click here for the answer for the question 6A. 6B. and 6C. (answer lies between begining of video to 3 minute of the video) 

explanation regarding 6th point and the video
If a christian rapes any girl or rapes a young girl, what will the friends/siblings/parents/relatives  of that christian rapist support the guy?
will they allow him to stay within their area?
Hell no

So if muslim rapists are safely staying within muslim ghettos and no go zone regions,
dont you think that entire population is safeguarding the rapist thereby enabling and supporting that rapist?
When you get passive/active support from your community, can you do the same crimes again and again? yes ofcourse without the guilt associated

So although in all points , but mainly in the 6th point , do you understand the difference between a muslim rapist and a non muslim rapist?

Further do you wish to hear the above points from the mouth of African American and A white British writer with statistics     click here

Do Muslims Lie that islam is a peacful religion ?

Do Muslims Lie ?

Why muslims claim Islam is a religion of Peace ?

Click here to understand what is takkiya

To us rest of the world,
Lying , killing , raping is morally wrong whatever the reason may be.

According to Islam,
Lying is wrong except for the cause of islam
Killing is wrong except if muslims are killing apostales or infidels
Raping is wrong except if the victim is not a free muslim woman

Click here to further understand what are the techniques of Takkiya

The Basics of Islam

Click here for the 1st video

Click here for 2nd video

Koranic Violent Passages

Are there violent passages in Koran at all?

click here to view this video

Multi Culturalism is a failed experiment - How to prove to a 5 year old child

Multi Culturalism is a failed experiment - How to prove this fact to a 5 year old child?

Animals are supposed to live in Forest
Humans live in Towns
Both have two different lifestyle

Muslims in Islamic countries are plagued with sharia law / 3rd world practices / Poverty / Rampant Domestic Abuse / Political tyrany / Lack of security for life / Illiteracy /Lack of trust between individuals / Fear / etc.,
I would call it Islamic hell hole.
I hope you will call it as a forest atleast

Christians in Europe / North America/Australia/New zealand were living in heaven
with abundance / Bible / churches / Superior scientific knowledge / Innovation / scientific advancement / trust in the society / beautiful flowers / Peace everywhere/Music/Arts/literature etc.,.,.,
I would call this as a Heaven City
Christians in Caribbean/ South america etc., are atleast living in 20% heaven
I would call it as a village/town

Now If you allow the illiterate muslims in large numbers from islamic forest into christian heaven , can they co-exist?
Can foxes like muslims co-exist with rabbits and deers like christians?
You may provide food for the grownup snakes / foxes but if you dont provide food the next day, do                                                you believe that fox will leave you alive?

In the past , Christian countries were allowing only the educated persons who can bring value to enter their countries , why have they stopped doing that and are allowing these illiterate lot of muslims?

Dissection of San Bernardino Incident part 2

How did the mother malik, leave her 6 month child and died by herself?

Why family members did not report Malik to police beforehand?
(Pipe bombs were found in Maliks house)

Everyone who knew him claimed Farook was a calm, nice , devout muslim. why did he indulge in terrorism?

Does these questions bother you?

Short Answer :
 According to Koran,
If your good deeds outweigh your bad deeds you may get a chance to enter islamic paradise.

What guarantees your entry into paradise?
It is nothing but dying for the cause of islam

Not only that if you die for the cause of Islam, you will be able to pray for the right of entry of  72 of your relatives into paradise

So Malik and Farook was aware that they will pray for the entry of that 6 month old child into paradise. So they were fine leaving behind 6 month old child and to die by themselves.

Farooks parents/relatives also knew that Farook will pary for the entry of them also into the paradise so Farook and Malik received full support from the relatives.

Proof for the Short answer:
(I am unable to find the reference to this answer which i read immediately following san bernardino incident )
(I remember reading it in the website)
(As soon as i find the source I will update this section)

Bible also has violent passages

Whenever you point out the Violent passages of Koran and ask explanation for this , do you know what is the usual reply of Muslims 99% of the times ?

Click here to know about the violent passages in koran 

Click here for another video where David Wood Phd explains that muslims consider Koran as the word of God

I will tell you what is the typical muslims response for this question and the counter argument for that

"Bible also has violent passages, so what?"

The fact is probably old testament of Bible and Torah also has very violent passages. This may or may not be true. It is irrelevant whether Bible has or had violent passages or not. Let me list the reasons why I say this

reason 1: Muslims believe koran is the direct word of allah and hence should be followed to the letter. Does Christians believe such things concretely about Bible,anymore.
Hence it is very relevant to scrutinize if there are violent passages in koran
It is irrelevant if there are/were violent passages in Bible or not

reason 2: Muslims believe Koran as the final word of allah to be followed till eternity for the rest of the life.
So if you make changes to Koran (the word of allah) then you are given capital punishment.
there is no way to pacify the violent passages in koran
it is more relevant to scrutinize if koran has violent passages or not

On the contrary Bible had undergone so many changes, so many versions of bible are available. So people use their common sense to follow only the peaceful passages

Reason 3: In the islamic nations like  Pakistan, North Africa only education more than 50% of citizens receive is Arabic and Koran in Madarassaas . They do not study science .
In nations like Saudi Arabia and Middle east 50% of the curriculum is pure Koran and rest 50% science based only on the koran. If any science contradicts koranic views they are eliminated from the curriculum.
Hence it is important to make sure to scrutinize what such population is studying, is it violent, is it non-violent ?
In christian nations there is movement where christianity is forcefully eliminated from the schools and science is being taught in the schools , hence it is relevant to scrutinize only the koran , not the bible.

Reason 4: In islamic nations ,( due the education system as explained in reason 3, ) their thought process from very very young age is based only on the koran. 50% of their population no science education. Atleast 25% are total illiterates.
This is not the case in other non islamic nations.
So it is relevant to scrutinize only the koran not the bible

peaceful passages of Koran?

There are peacful passages in Koran,

what about that ?
How can you say that Islam is the violent religion while there are peaceful passages in the Koran

Click here for 1st video to understand this contradiction

Click here for 2nd video to understand this contradiction  Author of the video is a Phd
Studied Koran completely , not a half knowledged person like western leaders claiming Islam is the peaceful religion

Click here for 3rd video to understand this contradiction
this video Fact#5 ( jump to 2:33 min ) explains Koranic passages are arranged in size of the passages rather than chronological order those passages were revealed by mohammed.

After watching between 2:33 and 2:40 of the 3rd video read the points below

In this context let me explain certain things

1. Muhammed revealed only peaceful passages in Mecca (his birthplace) . These were the earlier or first few revelations.

2.He was not so successful in gaining followers. Mohamed changed strategy after migrating to Medina (2nd holy place in Islam)
(Muslims are migrating today to Europe following the examples of Mohamed)

3. Muhammed revealed only violent passages in Medina where he migrated at a later period of time
(These later revelations were termed as more refined revelations)

4.There is a specific verse in the koran which explains, if there is contradictions between later revelations and earlier revelations, then it is the later revelations that stands true .
{reference :Abrogating Verse: Q.9:29[66][69] Verses abrogated: "Nahhās considers 9:29 to have abrogated virtually all verses calling for patience or forgiveness toward the People of the Book"}
click here to know more regarding this  

5. pop quiz:  Now what was the nature of later revelations ?
answer : Violent

6. Now western muslims through out the world , christians through out the world are only explained regarding the peaceful passages of koran by the imams .
So not only the christians who are innocent enough to think all religion teach the same but also majority of muslims learn only the peaceful passages of koran

7. pop quiz: what do most people on the earth consider and truly believe about islam
Answer:Islam is a religion of peace

8. pop quiz : What do imams and scholars of islam , teach first regarding islam to other muslims and non muslims initially ?
Answer : Peaceful passages of koran

9 pop quiz: what are the imams and scholars of islam are doing when they claim islam is the religion of peacce and when they say there are no instances when violence is permitted in islam.
Answer : Takkiya
click here to learn more about takkiya

10. As any one person becomes more and more interested in Koran and islam , Imams will introduce the connecting passage as per point 4 above, read it one more time please.

11. As the innocent muslim becomes interested in koran ,isalmic imams will introduce the later violent koranic passages mentioning the claim of paradise when they die for the sake of islam.
click here to learn about the violent passages in koran

12. You have a receipe for suicide bomber

13. you have the whole world of christians who not only speak for the innocent muslims but also for the islam and koran, thus enabling jihadists.

14. A peaceful/innocent muslim who knows only about peaceful passages will not about the connecting passage as in point 4 or about the violent passages
But but, A peaceful innocent muslim truly believes Koran is the unadulterated word from allah for the eternity of the remaining time and also it is word for all the human beings to follow including christians , hindus etc.,
So any time
any time imam can introduce violent passages to those peaceful innocent muslim and convert him into savage
So a muslim by default is a ticking time bomb due to this reason

14A. Muslim becomes more violent as he become more islamic
More deeper he studies Koran , more violent he becomes

15. Muslims and christians throughout the world should know about the truth of koran and mohammad

16. You know the earlier peaceful passages in Koran
You learn the later contradicting violent passages in koran
You know the connecting passages which explicitly states "when later revelations contradicts earlier revelations then the later revelations always stands true"
Pop quiz: after learning above 3 sentences and reading koran fully , now is koran a peaceful book or violent book
Answer violent book

17.Whenever you have doubt in the meaning of any verse in koran , you should always look into the life of mohammad (in hadiths)
he has lived a violent life throughout life
so islam is a violent way of life

18. click here to watch this video as a proof of what I have spoken in previous points

19. Dont you think it is brilliant?

20. Do you wish to learn more brilliances of islam? click here

Dissection of San Bernardino Incident part 1

Farook was an American born American Citizen

Farook was working in a US govt job earning 53 000 USD
He had a nice looking wife and nice family, American birth, American education, American citizenship, 6 months old child, a devout muslim claimed by his father.

Do you see a terrorist picture anywhere here?

What was the drive for him to kill 14 and injure 23 of his coworkers who gave parties for his marriage and a baby shower?
What could have led a mother of 6 months old child, A wife of a young guy earning 60000 usd, a person to whom American govt generously gave a green card just 1 year after entering USA just because she had married a US citizen, to kill 14 people and injure 23 people?

Doesn't these questions bother you?

Short Answer :
11. Koran Says Dying while fighting for Islam is the ONLY way to guarantee a man's entrance into Paradise. This is a great idea for creating fearless, enthusiastic warriors, especially given the Quran's vivid descriptions of the sensuous delights of Paradise.

A Muslim man has a chance of getting to Paradise if he is a good Muslim, but it is not guaranteed. However, if he dies while fighting for Islam, he is guaranteed to get in, and that's the only thing he can do to guarantee it.

Comparison with civilized world: 
If a USA Army veteran becomes a Martyr while in battle field, his family is taken care by USA govt, the dead army person will get lot of medals etc., etc.,
He is considered as the hero

In civilized world govt will take care of the Army veterans family and will give him medals
In Islamic world , Allah will gurantee his entry into paradise

Proof for the short answer:

11. Dying while fighting for Islam is the ONLY way to guarantee a man's entrance into Paradise.  Allah has a balance in which he will weigh your sins against your good deeds. 

101:6. Then as for him whose balance (of good deeds) will be heavy,

101:7. He will live a pleasant life (in Paradise)*. 

101:8. But as for him whose balance (of good deeds) will be light, 

101:9. He will have his home in Hawiyah (pit, i.e. Hell)*. 

101:10. And what will make you know what it is? 

101:11. (It is) a hot blazing Fire!
*For the details of Paradise & Perdition, see Surah 78.

    Muslims need a Get Out of Hell card, and Allah, in his great mercy, has provided it. 

61:10. O You who believe! Shall I guide you to a commerce that will save you from a painful torment. 

61:11.  That you believe in Allâh and His Messenger (Muhammad ), and that you strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allâh with your wealth and your lives, that will be better for you, if you but know! 

61:12. (If you do so) He will forgive you your sins, and admit you into Gardens under which rivers flow, and pleasant dwelling in Gardens of 'Adn ­ Eternity ['Adn (Edn) Paradise], that is indeed the great success. 

61:13. And also (He will give you) another (blessing) which you love, help from Allâh (against your enemies) and a near victory. And give glad tidings (O Muhammad ) to the believers.

    There  is a hadith which I am unable to locate, but whch is quoted in Ibn Kathir's Tafsir.  Jews & Christians need to be aware of this. 

(When the Day of Resurrection comes, Allah will appoint for every Muslim a Jew or Christian, and it will be said, "This is your ransom from the Fire.'') `Umar bin `Abd Al-`Aziz asked Abu Burdah to swear by Allah besides Whom there is no other God, three times, that his father told him that from the Prophet , and he swore that oath. []

Trump support 2nd Amendment while Hillary supports Gun Control

Trump support 2nd Amendment while Hillary supports Gun Control

Certain thoughts on why Gun Control is bad . You may differ, but these are just my thoughts. These are not really that important for you to understand

1. Gun can be used for self defense by good person or to kill others by bad person
Even Jeep can be used to kill people by bad people
Knife can be used to cook food or to kill others
Nuclear power can be used to generate electricity or to build bombs

Accident happens with all instruments including guns, Knife, nuclear power or with jeep/car. How can you ban instruments just because accidents happen.

Isn't it childish to blame the instrument for the peoples errors.

2. All bad persons will get hold of guns anyhow. But only the good people will not have access to guns and they will be like sitting ducks in the face of islamic terrorism/tyranny

3. Why do you think in India , Caribbean people cannot get guns easily,
Current govts are just following the British rules which in the past prevented indiginous people to bear weapons so that they can control people easily.
USA is founded on the principle of Freedom.
So no freeman can be devoid of the right to protect him

read what one of the founders of USA has to say about bearing guns

Click here to Understand how great of a person Mr Thomas Jefferson was

Trump will tell the truth about 9/11 , Afgan, Iraq and Libyan war. How is it good for the world

Trump will tell the truth about 9/11 , Afgan, Iraq and Libyan war. How is it good for the world

There are 2 options in front of us.
Trump is choosing 2nd option

Option 1 :

Hide the truth , dwell in guilt and live a fake life .

Europe/Western world/USA/NATO can deceive itself thinking that they are helping poor people in those regions , they can let in fake refugees who will turn europe into an islamic hellhole 3rd world naion.

Live a fake life by not really fighting ISIS

Make an another mistake by taking out another government in Syria . (yes western govts are trying to make an another mistake by removing a government in Syria and again indirectly enabling ISIS)
Russia is against removing govt in Syria
NATO wants to remove Syrian govt only because NATO does not like the govt while people of Syria are living some kind of life better than ISIS.

NATO / EU and current Obama govt is supporting Turkey which is enabling ISIS by treating ISIS fighters in their hospitals.

Option 2:

Open up , say the truth , Be real.
Stand in front of the world, say all the truths.
He will fight the real terrorists like ISIS
Do the right thing
Support Albasheer who is a current ruler of Syria who is really trying to fight ISIS
Donald will support current govt in Syria
Donald will join with Russia and Putin to eradicate ISIS
He will help the real needy people by not indulging in their countries affairs and supporting them really

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Trump vs Politicians

1. Trump is not a politician

2. Trump will be loyal to USA not lobbyists

3. Trump promises to say the truth regarding 9/11 and to help the needy people and kill the terrorists ruthlessly

4. Hillary and others just wish to remove bashar , president of syria and just want to create a mess in Syria just like what they did with Iraq and Libiya

5. Trump will fix the fragile , failling economy of USA. Trump has proven to be sucessful in his life by managing different assets throughout the world. Others are just politicians who just talks , talks and talks and dont understand the psychology of money

6. People through out Europe who is really suffering the islamic supremism , support Trump.

7. Bush created war to because he was puppet of rothschild family who wanted war to accumulate more money to their family
 All politicians are just like him
There is a popular notion, if you vote republicans into office, they will create war
Didn't Obama(a democrat) create war in Libiya ?

Just dont vote for the puppets
Vote for the man who is self funding like Trump

8. Do you need a lawyer who just lies to everyone as your president or
Do you want a great negotiator, great business man and great leader as the president of USA

(Both cruz and hillary are lawyers)

9. Till before 500 yrs countries went into war to become wealthy
So you needed a warrior as your king
Today countries indulge in trade to become wealthy
You need a businessman as your ruler, not a lawyer like ted cruz or hillary clinton

10. You need a man who will say and do the right thing without being politically correct.
Do you wish to know what Thomas Jefferson has to say about islam click here to watch this video

Is Poverty or Illiteracy the only root cause of terrorism?

Is Poverty or Illiteracy the only root cause of terrorism?

Watch the short 5 minute video fully
click here

watch the same video from 4.15 to the end of video one more time
pay attention to the fact that he explains that,

islamic priests glorify suicide bombers as martyrs which is happening through out the world

Islamic priests are promising heaven to the suicide bombers in most mosques through out the world

Again do you believe only in pakistan there is violence preached in mosques,
there is a pew research which proves about 80% of mosques preach violence in USA
France has closed multiple mosques as they were preaching violence following Paris carnage

Leave that 80%, even if 15% of mosques preach violent jihad then isnt it necessary to investigate the mosques and put survillance on the mosques?
just think

Do you know or have heard of any churches preaching violence, just wondering?
a single christian preast preaching violence in modern times?

But we all know that imams are routinely being arrested for preaching violence, indulging in violence etc.,

More Resources:

More Resources: - know what you as a citizen can do against islamic take over of your country - To understand the psychology of Islam, muslims, terrorists, moderate muslims, radical muslims, pussy rulers of west, capitalists etc.,

To see through the daily world incidents, how muslims are taking over USA and Europe
Click here

10. Palestine Vs Israel ? Dilemma explained

Palestine Vs Israel ? Who should you support

Watch this video to understand what is good and evil
Click here

If you had watched the video above, kindly read below and come to a conclusion regarding whom should you support

Any fight between a civilized person and a savage , you should always support a civilized person .
If you support a savage, a savage will anyways kill you even though you even though you supported him

Watch this 2nd video to understand israel

5A. Is Islam a Religion of Peace ? Part 4

5A.  Is Islam a Religion of Peace ? Part 4

What some people may think about conversion into Islam?
okay some people may say all religion are the same , why cant we live as muslims, whats the problem

Why Muslims who are not fully aware of Koran, think Islam is a religion of Peace?
Muslims believe that if all convert to islam and if all follow islamic principles then world will be a peaceful place.

However If everyone in the country/world are converted into muslim, then will there be peace?

Reason 1: Muslims will be fighting against each other to decide who is more islamic

Reason 2:Will there be science or development in Muslim countries

Reason 3: When one man has 4 wives , man will consider wives as 1 among 4 and will he really love her?
 Wife is under constant threat that husband will easily divorce her.
Wife cannot work because she is not educated most probably.
With all that wife beating and violence as per koran
Where is the peace in husband and wife relationship?

Reason 4: Can you name a single Islamic country where there is peace?
Im sure you can name lot of christian countries who are peaceful without constant threat to life
Even poor countries in south america/ caribbean/ buddhist countries like thailand etc are peaceful

Reason 5: Can you name a single islamic country which has abundance in everything and wealth?
(Oil wealth is like money growing tree but if there is no oil , what will be their situation)

Click here to read the article which explains economy under islam

Click here to read an article which shows Muslims are the least happy citizens of UK

9. Three Stages of Jihad

9. Three Stages of Jihad

Muslims will give lengthy explanation that Jihad means internal struggle
Dont be gullible ,
Understand that jihad means "struggle to spread islam "

 Click here To Learn about the 3 stages of Jihad, watch this video

8. If Islam is violent why are there so many muslims who are not violent?

8. If Islam is violent why are there so many muslims who are not violent?

May be you have this question all along

click here to Watch this short 5 minute video which answers this question

In addition to video
you also have to think that 

Only 10% of who are literates sucessfully learn physics/chemistry/maths etc., and invent something new. Rest 90% will only do a 9-5 job and live a sendentary life.

only 10% of christians really practice the teachings of bible. Rest 90% will do what is easy in life.

Likewise only 10% of muslims really practice the teachings of koran by being violent. Rest 90% will do what is easy in life.

7. Is it true only a tiny minority of muslims subscribe to Violence?

7. Is it true that only a tiny minority of muslims subscribe to Violence?

Watch the short 7 minute video explain this clearly

click here

6. Is Islam a Religion of Peace ? Part 5

Are there violent passages in Koran at all?

click here to view this video

Video has specific koranic passages which are violent
IF you wish to learn more violent passages in koran search in youtube
Robert spencer violent passages in koran
David wood violent passages in koran

you will get it

5. Is Islam a Religion of Peace ? Part 3

Is Islam a Religion of Peace ? Part 3

How do they mean Islam is a religion of Peace ? Why do they say that

If you kill all differing opinions , with no opposing oppinions will there be complete peace or not?

Yes there will be complete peace once you kill all and every differing opinions 

(Downside is there is no development/inventions in Islamic countries due to this fact)
Notice that the proofs are not even quoting any terrorist organizations like Al Queda or ISIS, but actual countries

Proof one : In Islamic countries,
Any one having differing opinions in Islamic countries will be executed

For example read the news article click here

Explanation for Proof 1 : Shias, when they indulged in peaceful protests against Sunni Saudi govt, shias were termed as terrorist and were executed .
(Shias.Sunnis and ahmadiyas are sects within islam)
Anyone with differing views will not just be jailed for few months, but are being termed terrorists and are being executed

Proof 2:
what is the status of Ahmaddiyas in the islamic world today?

click here to read this Wikipedia article persecution of ahmadiyaas in pakistan 
click here to read this Wikipedia article persecution of ahmadiyaas in other islamic countries

Explanation for Proof 2: 

A peaceful sect of Islam called ahmadiya emerged from British India in 1835 .

India gave rise to buddhism, jainism 2 of the most peaceful religions
India gave rise to Sikhism and hinduism religions also
(So due to higher enlightment attained with the help of meditation, origin of religion is not something new to India)

Ahmadiyaas interpreted inherently violent Koranic passages as peaceful passages

Islamic Governments (not terrorists )  are directly suppressing only sect of islam which is really peaceful 

4. Is Islam a Religion of Peace ? Part 2

Is Islam a Religion of Peace ? Part 2

In the previous post you saw how the western leaders are claiming Islam is a religion of Peace

Why do you have to learn Islam from the christians like Obama and GWB,

Learn it from Anjem Choudary, an Islamic cleric born and brought up in Britain in the following Video

Click Here

3. Is Islam a Religion of Peace ? Part 1

Is Islam a Religion of Peace ?

After San Bernardino Incident , After Paris Carnage and after each terrorist activity that has becoming a new normal of Europe,

you hear Obamas, Angela Merkels of Europe keep repeating Islam is a Religion of Peace

Click here to watch video Obama claiming islam teaches Peace

Click here to watch video GWB claiming Islam is a religion of Peace

Have you ever posed the question,
How do you mean that Islam is a religion of Peace ?
You have never asked a question because you believe all religions are inherently peaceful

Firstly how come no other religion
including Christianity buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Confucionism etc.,
claims they are the religion of Peace.

Probably other religions dont necessarily have to claim that they are peaceful because their actions are louder than words and they all live by it.

There should be a reason why everyone has to repeat Islam is a religion of Peace, may be its actions are not so peaceful may be.

Think ! ! ! Think ! ! !

2. Do you wish to learn the 1400 year history of Islam?

Do you wish to learn the 1400 year history of Islam?   then Go to this video

Do you wish to learn how Islam replaced christianity in Northern Africa

 Learn from Bill Warner Ph.D.,

Click here

1. Does Europe, Christianity and all of free world have to fear Islam?

1. Does Europe, Christianity and all of free world have to fear Islam? If you think we dont have to fear ,then

Step one: . watch this video in the youtube link . Click here 

Step two : Click here to watch video how muslims riot.

I want you to find the policemen were white and
I want you to notice ISIS flag among the muslim protesters

Step Three:  There were many religions like Christianity , Zorastianism, African Tribal religion in the following Green countries.
How come Islam has replaced all those religious practices and eliminated all those 100%

Do you see a pattern?,  Countries are becoming more and more Dark Green.

Do your independent investigation by understanding the histories of these individual countries by just going to Wikipedia page of these countries

To me Islam seems to be a totalitarian political outfit which will replace every religon, culture, political system