Thursday, 21 April 2016

Can European civilizations go extinct?

Can civilizations go extinct?

question one : Can any civilizaion go extinct?

Islam has replaced the mesapotamian civilization in iran and iraq
Islam has replaced the pegan civilization in the middle east
Christianity has replaced roman civilization in the europe
Christianity has replaced African tribal religions and practices in the past
Great Civilization that built Egypt is now clueless and we no nothing about that civilization, islam has replaced it
Mayan civilization in south america had vanished

Dont think that world history started at jan 1st,  0 AD.
there were civilizations prior to that as well

in the same way European civilization can go extinct as well

Question two:
How did the European civilization , one of the most successful civilization go extinct ? you dumb fellow ha ha ha ha, you may question me

How did the European civilization become so successful in the past?

By killing aborigines in australia, USA, africa ,
subjugating Indians , Africans
Currently also USA has waged so many wars in middle east

So typical whites are just guilt ridden regarding their past and they are currently nice and they are willing to help and hence they are helping the refugees.
What is the consequence of being nice ?

They are willingly allowing Islam to take over Europe

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