Thursday, 21 April 2016

Islam and Terrorism against Western countries

If you ask a question regarding a muslim regarding terrorism in the name of Islam ,
do you know what will be his first sentence when answering?

1. There is no place for violence in Islam, according to Koran,  killing even one innocent person is like killing the whole of humanity
(we know obviously that is not true provided you have read this post of mine , click here )

Counter argument :  Does islam consider christians as innocent ?
Does ilsam consider citizens of USA who pay tax to US govt innocent ? hahaha do you think so?
Does Islam consider Citizens of EU nations who pay tax to enable NATO as innocent ? hahaha , do you think so?

Okay, now dont start thinking Islam is retaliating against the atrocities of USA and NATO war on iraq, libiya, afganistan.
What did innocent christians in Nigeria do to islam?
What did innocent christians throughout North Africa do to islam?

hopefully you get the picture

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