Thursday, 21 April 2016

Dissection of San Bernardino Incident part 2

How did the mother malik, leave her 6 month child and died by herself?

Why family members did not report Malik to police beforehand?
(Pipe bombs were found in Maliks house)

Everyone who knew him claimed Farook was a calm, nice , devout muslim. why did he indulge in terrorism?

Does these questions bother you?

Short Answer :
 According to Koran,
If your good deeds outweigh your bad deeds you may get a chance to enter islamic paradise.

What guarantees your entry into paradise?
It is nothing but dying for the cause of islam

Not only that if you die for the cause of Islam, you will be able to pray for the right of entry of  72 of your relatives into paradise

So Malik and Farook was aware that they will pray for the entry of that 6 month old child into paradise. So they were fine leaving behind 6 month old child and to die by themselves.

Farooks parents/relatives also knew that Farook will pary for the entry of them also into the paradise so Farook and Malik received full support from the relatives.

Proof for the Short answer:
(I am unable to find the reference to this answer which i read immediately following san bernardino incident )
(I remember reading it in the website)
(As soon as i find the source I will update this section)

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