Thursday, 21 April 2016

Bible also has violent passages

Whenever you point out the Violent passages of Koran and ask explanation for this , do you know what is the usual reply of Muslims 99% of the times ?

Click here to know about the violent passages in koran 

Click here for another video where David Wood Phd explains that muslims consider Koran as the word of God

I will tell you what is the typical muslims response for this question and the counter argument for that

"Bible also has violent passages, so what?"

The fact is probably old testament of Bible and Torah also has very violent passages. This may or may not be true. It is irrelevant whether Bible has or had violent passages or not. Let me list the reasons why I say this

reason 1: Muslims believe koran is the direct word of allah and hence should be followed to the letter. Does Christians believe such things concretely about Bible,anymore.
Hence it is very relevant to scrutinize if there are violent passages in koran
It is irrelevant if there are/were violent passages in Bible or not

reason 2: Muslims believe Koran as the final word of allah to be followed till eternity for the rest of the life.
So if you make changes to Koran (the word of allah) then you are given capital punishment.
there is no way to pacify the violent passages in koran
it is more relevant to scrutinize if koran has violent passages or not

On the contrary Bible had undergone so many changes, so many versions of bible are available. So people use their common sense to follow only the peaceful passages

Reason 3: In the islamic nations like  Pakistan, North Africa only education more than 50% of citizens receive is Arabic and Koran in Madarassaas . They do not study science .
In nations like Saudi Arabia and Middle east 50% of the curriculum is pure Koran and rest 50% science based only on the koran. If any science contradicts koranic views they are eliminated from the curriculum.
Hence it is important to make sure to scrutinize what such population is studying, is it violent, is it non-violent ?
In christian nations there is movement where christianity is forcefully eliminated from the schools and science is being taught in the schools , hence it is relevant to scrutinize only the koran , not the bible.

Reason 4: In islamic nations ,( due the education system as explained in reason 3, ) their thought process from very very young age is based only on the koran. 50% of their population no science education. Atleast 25% are total illiterates.
This is not the case in other non islamic nations.
So it is relevant to scrutinize only the koran not the bible

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