Saturday, 23 April 2016

Aftermath of any terrorist activity

When you have pussy leaders as rulers,
lets see what happens after any terrorist activity

So let us discuss the aftermath of Brussels bombing/Paris Carnage (A similar aftermath pattern will follow any such terrorist incident in western nations)

1. Army was dispatched in the streets of Brussels/Paris to prevent further bombs thereby restricting the freedom of Brussels citizens . After containing the situation Army is being sent to rest rather than hunting the perpeterators hiding in the muslim nogo zones within france/belgium.

2.Citizens will organize a peace rally

3. Muslims will fakely condemn the terrorist act while they will still carry on hate preachings in their mosques

4. World leaders like Obama, Hollande will condemn the terrorist act and will shout that Islam is a peaceful religon and it has nothing to do with terrorism
while doing nothing to prevent further attacks
Why did we elect these pussies to be nice to everyone including refugees or to protect the citizens?

5. Buildings like Eifle tower will light up with paris/brussels flag to show support

6. Media will speak about the terror activity for 4 days and will also more importantly show so called islamophobic incidents, will do nothing to show the truth happening in muslim community or fake islamophobe complaints or to tell the world islamophobia is not because of whites but the muslims themselves/terrorists/koran etc.,

6. Muslims will cry fake islamophobia 50% of instances due to takkiya
Muslims will call the victims of terrorists attacks, the whites as racists because they are angry on muslims because of the islamic terrorism
Muslims will blame whites for islamophobia rather than blaming terrorists who are the root cause of islamophobia
Muslims will actually rally against islamophobia and whites instead of rallying against the imams who preach hatred and jihad

7. Liberals and leftist stupid whites will support muslims in islamophobic incidents
But these liberals and leftists will not request any solid actions from the islamic community against hate preachings in mosques

8. Muslims demand strong laws against islamophobia and it is currently considered hatecrime with strong punishments.. Hence no one will be able to question muslims anything as all will be cried as islamophobia by the muslims.
Government restricts the freedom of all the citizens of their country instead of restricting and investigating the muslims and mosques/imams
Government snoopes into the data of their citizens in the name of security

8.People forget the incident in a weeks time and they go about their daily lives but western citizens are terrorized by the terrorists, because they dont have leaders ruling their country,but pussies.

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