Thursday, 21 April 2016

Multi Culturalism is a failed experiment - How to prove to a 5 year old child

Multi Culturalism is a failed experiment - How to prove this fact to a 5 year old child?

Animals are supposed to live in Forest
Humans live in Towns
Both have two different lifestyle

Muslims in Islamic countries are plagued with sharia law / 3rd world practices / Poverty / Rampant Domestic Abuse / Political tyrany / Lack of security for life / Illiteracy /Lack of trust between individuals / Fear / etc.,
I would call it Islamic hell hole.
I hope you will call it as a forest atleast

Christians in Europe / North America/Australia/New zealand were living in heaven
with abundance / Bible / churches / Superior scientific knowledge / Innovation / scientific advancement / trust in the society / beautiful flowers / Peace everywhere/Music/Arts/literature etc.,.,.,
I would call this as a Heaven City
Christians in Caribbean/ South america etc., are atleast living in 20% heaven
I would call it as a village/town

Now If you allow the illiterate muslims in large numbers from islamic forest into christian heaven , can they co-exist?
Can foxes like muslims co-exist with rabbits and deers like christians?
You may provide food for the grownup snakes / foxes but if you dont provide food the next day, do                                                you believe that fox will leave you alive?

In the past , Christian countries were allowing only the educated persons who can bring value to enter their countries , why have they stopped doing that and are allowing these illiterate lot of muslims?

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